About Us

Welcome to Bandu Buns...

Bandu Buns started on New Years Eve 2022 when our Founder Chloe finally dusted off her beloved sewing machine. Although she's been making scrunchie's for years; for personal use and for her friends, something clicked this time around and she thought why not create something for everyone to enjoy!

At the heart of Bandu Buns is our desire to create a sustainable & purposeful brand, we use secondhand, deadstock fabric to ensure everything has a second life!

We do everything ourselves, including hand printing the labels, creating the designs, sourcing the material.

Bandu refers to hairband in Patois - our Founders Jamaican culture is the reasoning behind each individual Bandu's name, which are carefully selected and share a special meaning.

As each Bandu is handmade there will only be a select few available and each one may slightly vary in size. As a frequent hair band breaker, we like to work closely with you to ensure we've created the best size for your hair type & style.

We hope you love your scrunchie as much as we've loved making it.